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How to De-Stress For a Perfect Nights Sleep

How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -


There isn’t enough time in the day is there? We want to get everything done all at once before we get our vital sleep. Sometimes sleeping isn’t even a priority. I know I can completely relate, as a busy day for me will leave me with less than 5 hours sleep some nights. Obviously, this is terrible and I nearly ALWAYS end up crashing one day out of the week. All the missed sleep that week comes right back to bite me in the middle of the day, my skin will break out and I’ll feel even more stressed.
This is why I came up with a night-time routine to de-stress, relax and help me catch some major ZzZzzZZzzz.

Pukka Detox Tea - How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -


After drinking detox tea, I always feel refreshed. That same feeling after coming out of a shower, is the same sensation I feel after drinking this tea. My favourite is the organic detox by Pukka. A detox tea contains Aniseed, fennel, cardamom and licorice root, to help flush away those toxins while lightly catering to your  sweet tooth. Infuse for 15 mins and drink up!

Clinique 3 step - How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -


I use the Clinique 3 Step system tailored for my own skin type, but what really makes the difference to my skin is my Magnitone LondonFacial Cleansing brush. I can clean my face, apply a facemask and more, but for some reason it still isn’t clean. When I use the Magnitone, I find that makeup and dirt slides right off my skin. You don’t realize how filthy your skin is until you see the dirt drip off onto the brush. It scrubs layers much deeper than your hands can get to making sure there is no left-over makeup or dirt left on your skin.

 photo clean-skin_zpsczsusjpm.gif

 I also use the Bubble-gum flavour lip scrub by LUSH. Before using this I would constantly have dry or chapped lips in the morning, I didn’t realise that a simple daily exfoliate could drastically improve the moisture and the colour of my lips. Following this I apply The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum to my hair.

LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub - How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -

multi mask- How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -


I always multi mask as my skin type VARIES throughout my face. I tend to break out around my jaw, chin and forehead, which is why I like to use the Retexturizing Rose Clay Mask by Origins. Due to my breakouts constantly causing acne scars, this mask is perfect for a deep clean and refining my skins texture. In all the other areas, I love to apply the Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask by The Body Shop. This mask is perfect for providing a deep clean and a soft finish.  

 photo multimask_zpsu74iaixi.gif


No routine is complete without the relaxing music to put me in the chill mood. I Made a perfect throwback R&B Jamz playlist to tailor to my night mood.  Making a playlist on Spotify is free and easy! You should try it, plus it's the perfect prep for your shower karaoke session.


Do you remember always falling asleep after a hot bath as a child? Nothing has changed as an adult. The hot water is soothing all over and will leave you begging for your bed. Personally, I prefer a steamy shower. Baths are time consuming and as I mentioned before, there really isn’t enough time in the day.

I Love to use the two-day moisture shower oil by Sanctuary SpaCovet Garden. It has a slightly warming effect (if your showers aren’t hot enough already). When you rub it into your skin it feels like you’re having a massage. It’s heavenly for sure, and my skin feels silky smooth after using it. It doesn’t quite last two days for me, as my skin is naturally dry and dehydrated. I found that the softness will last roughly 5-8 hours.

MICHEAL PHELPS - LEESA MATTRESS How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -


This is probably the most important part. You can’t get a good night’s rest in an uncomfortable bed! If your mattress is super uncomfortable (like mine) try laying on some fluffy pillows, or consider getting a new mattress. Leesa Mattress are five-star quality, fit for celebrities like Michael Phelps and of course the Kings and Queens you are! You should check them out!

multi mask- abbigayle warner How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -

What do you do to prep for a perfect night’s sleep?
*This is a sponsored post , all opinions are my own

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How to De-Stress for a perfect night's sleep -



  1. I love Origins products. I know everyone says you shouldn't use your phone before bed I love to play this bubble game on my phone and do a quick meditation before bed to unwind.

  2. Oooo...I'd love to try the bubble-gum flavored lip scrub! A good facial cleansing routine is a wonderful way to destress and rejuvenate your skin after a long day.

  3. Yessss. Tea is so perfect for relaxing before bed. My husband drinks sleepy-time tea and it helps him zonk out immediately

  4. Good job and bunch of thanks for this valuable post.

  5. These are great suggestions. I have been struggling with sleep lately, I should pick up some tea!

  6. Thanks for sharing your before bed beauty routine. I pretty much just wash my face, use a toner and moisturizer then hop into bed. I am interested to get that cleasing face brush. Looks like it will help with deep cleaning the pores on my face.

  7. Great suggestions! I have lots of these products too!

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