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Fenjal Shower Oil Review


Fenjal shower oil review

Recently I was sent the Fenjal Shower oil from the classic range to test and try out. I have mentioned countless times that I have dry skin, which is why I am constantly on the hunt for something to help this issue. When I found out about Fenjal I knew I wanted to try it , simply because it’s an oil based product.

Literally every shower gel on the planet ,(even those that claim to be cocoa butter based or milk based) all dry out my skin the second I leave the shower. It’s the most frustrating thing, simply because the dryer my skin is before I moisturise, the more of the moisturiser my body need to take in . basically still leaving me dry in the end because it’s never nourished!

Fenjal is a company developed over 40 years ago by leading swiss skincare experts. The range includes a classic spa skincare range specially formulated with natural ingredients to help nourish , protect and pamper your skin. Fragranced with a unique and secret blend of vanilla, rose and pine needle.

When it comes to dry skin, I know that there are others who have similar skin issues which is why I wanted to review something that could possible help us out!

Ok so on to the review!

Packaging and Design

You guys know i have to talk about this , as a graphic designer I feel is my duty and obligation. Alright , whoever designed this is 100% focusing on us women for this product. From the curvaceous bottle shape to the subtle hints of pink , it’s very clear who their target market are. The packaging uses words like SPA and SENSATION , which is pretty much what every girl thinks of when they want to relax. The actual bottle is clear so that you can see the colour of the product , which is green . This tell us that they want us to think the product is made of natural resources or has some comparability to organic and nature. So if i saw this on a shop shelf and thought about buying, just by looking at the packaging alone. My initial thoughts would be “hmm this product looks quiet nature filled and natural, it says it’s an oil I can use in the shower! PERFECT and it will help moisturise my skin! Exactly what I need”

SO did the product live up to its packaging hype?

What did the texture feel like?

When i jumped in the shower I wanted to test out how the product reacted to dry skin and wet skin. So at first i only wet half of my body and applied the product to both sides. When applying the product to the dry side, It felt like I was applying a creamy oil . It could be compared to lightly melted vaseline. On the wet side it glided right off . which led me to conclude that this product would work best on damp skin rather than dry or wet skin .

What about the Smell?

Although the package says it’s fragranced with vanilla , rose and pine needle , I personally feel like the pine needle has the strongest scent of all. For some this may be a good thing but for me it felt a little overpowering . I had to follow up with a subtle fragranced lotion after .

How much Moisture is there?

When applied to damp skin , it lathered slightly and I could feel that it was providing the deep skin penetration I needed. The moisture level was actually quite satisfying, as once I left the shower i felt that i didn’t need to moisturise , although I did anyway just in case.

Overall thoughts

The Fenjal Shower Oil is a great product that lives up to its hype for sure. I will continue to use it over the next month and see how long it takes after each shower before i need to add moisture. It will be interesting to see if over time it actually reduces dryness in my skin . Also as a spa product I hope that it helps relax my body also. I strongly recommend you give this product a go!

Do you have dry skin too?

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Will you be purchasing the Fenjal Shower Oil? Sound off in the comments below



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