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Nighttime Beauty Routine : 6 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 5 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 6 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

As a blogger I have a very privileged opportunity to test out several beauty products , so i'm never without something to use every day . I’ve testing out so many different product combinations, but with Dry skin it can be the toughest challenge trying to keep your hydrated. I’ve come up with a Nighttime Beauty Routine that keeps my skin soft and moisturised!

Let’s be real, I wear concealer , liquid foundation  and also powdered foundation on a daily basis .. I know you're probably thinking jeez that's A LOT Abbi . ...But with an uneven skin tone and the fact that my skin would dry out after 10 mins of outside air , I Think it’s totally necessary. THE  SKIN BARRIER IS NEEDED Y’ALL!

So let’s break down each Product I use every night to remove that baked cake off my face, and how I keep it hydrated all night!

I start with the KIKO SOFTENING TONER. This product is ACE at getting off makeup!  It’s a light spray that I throw onto a cotton pad and simple wipe the makeup away!  It certainly doesn't completely clean my face , it just eliminates those top makeup layers. I've found that it does a great job at removing waterproof mascara too!

Now it's time to prep my skin for that deep cleanse . Ill use the ARK PRE CLEANSE. It’s so simple to use. The product is a thick clear liquid , almost the consistency of a quality shower gel. Simply place it all over your face , (i like to rub it in a little as it adds in moisture to your skin)  then wash off with lukewarm water.  

Now this next product is a surprising favourite of mine! I was given the full range of products by AIME, at a blogger event , and let me tell you … I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SCRUB. I tried pretty much all that was given to me and this stood out by a long shot!  I suffer from clogged pores in my T-zone . So clogged that it needs to be unclogged every day! I really don't like to use pore strips because they cause the skin on my nose to crack  or peel . Please excuse the gory details . So after using this product my pores are clog free for roughly two days at time .. BUT HEY THAT'S BETTER THAN EVERY DAY RIGHT!?

The AIME EXFOLIATING POLISH is actually a creamy texture like lotion , with small red microbeads to help with the light skin scrubbing.

Next I'll use a bit more of the Kiko toner and reduce the low moisture level at this point.  Plus this is the perfect opportunity to give myself a full face wipe down incase I missed a bit of makeup here and there .


LASTLY I apply a the HEAVEN DREAM OIL SERUM for final moisture . I opt for an oil products because it has 5 hours of my sleep time to sink into my face and make sure my face is extremely moisturised throughout the night! . Also prepped for my morning routine !

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 5 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

ALRIGHT nighttime routine is complete!

Let’s remind ourselves of the dry skin no more formula!

  1. Oil based MAKEUP REMOVER  or TONER - get rid of any makeup you may have on your face! The last thing you want to do is sleep with makeup on … you'll be punished with a breakout the next day!
  2. PRE CLEANSE - with an oil based product - Prep your skin for the harsh scrubbing it’s about to endure!
  3. Oil Based DEEP PORE SCRUB or MASK - get all of the dirty skin layers off while adding moisture to the layers beneath.
  4. OIL BASED TONER - yes again! Make sure there is no more makeup left on your face. This is your last chance!
  5. OIL BASED .. OIL .. a few drops will do the trick . ( I also recommend Drops of light and Drops of youth by TBS)

What Products do you love to use at night?
Do you have dry skin too!?
Sound off in the comments below and let’s chat!



  1. Your lotion well. Having rid the dead cells on the skin's Tet me.

  2. It sounds like I need that Aime scrub! I've been getting really clogged pores on my nose and chin lately- it's driving me nuts!

  3. I have a super dry skin, but I am also horrible at my night time routine. I would love to see a post about motivating yourself to wash your face instead of going to sleep. :)

  4. Great tips-- I have dry skin too so I'm always trying to keep it hydrated. I've been using argan oil for my nighttime routine and it's been working out great. Thanks for introducing me to some new products- I'll have to check some of these out!

    -Amanda @

  5. My skin gets really dry as the seasons change, so I will definitely be trying some of these out!

  6. The best home remedy is olive oil and sugar mix those two together you have a sugar scrub..that would take away the dryness and flakiness on your face.

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