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Organise your desktop - Tips to de-clutter your computer

Organise your desktop- Tips to de-clutter

Organise your desktop - How to de-clutter - Free Wallpaper Download + Gadget Freebies

Being consistently active on my computer, I tend to fill up storage fast . I found that throwing files on my desktop  and saying “  AH WHATEVS, i'll just sort it out later” Became a terrible habit. It got so bad, to the point that you couldn’t even see what was on my desktop, because all of the files were overlapping each other! I knew I had to make a change and told myself “Abbi  just organise your desktop” So I did .

You would think as a design i’d have a much more organised desktop but honestly , my brain is jam packed full of ideas and fun things  I want to get out . So basically my CLUTTERED desktop was a representation of my cluttered brain!
Things are different now obviously, as i'm much more focused and I know exactly what my goals are. I have an action plan in place and that has allowed me to focus on what’s important.

Alright so let’s break it down and discuss how I can help you organise your desktop, make it brain boosting and appear appealing.


The first thing I did to De-clutter was write a list of everything I knew I would need on my desktop.
  • Microsoft office | Word ,Excel , Outlook and Powerpoint
  • Music/ Video | Itunes , Spotify , Quicktime and VLC
  • Design | Adobe Creative Cloud, Ps , Ai , Dw
  • Notes

I then head to my desktop, made a new folder called FILES and literally dragged everything from my desktop into it. I wanted my desktop to feel fresh, and by doing this it seemed less overwhelming (although I know it's purely psychological, lol all I did was move it from one place to another)

Alternatively you can get an external hard drive and drag everything to that! . (hey why not start fresh!?)


I feel that if I have saved anything to my computer at some point, then It must be important . I wouldn't go through the trouble of saving it if i didn't feel like I might need it . So the next step , As tedious as it may be , Is to put everything into folders and into more folders inside that folder. (sub-folder) Keep narrowing them down to create an archive . I find it much easier to organize my files by Date rather than by name . This way I know that if was was working on something in illustrator last Tuesday called “BRANDING WORK” and then went over to photoshop and created something called “DIGITAL WORK” but they are for the same project; they won’t appear next to each other If I organize the files by name.

Take a bit of time to decide how you want to organise your files, There are many ways to do it  so pick a way that you can consistently keep up with and what works for you .
Here are a few suggestions
  • By file type ( example , all word documents in one folder)
  • By Project
  • By Name (ALPHABETISED, but honestly this I steer clear from . The last thing I remember is the names of all my files)


It’s completely clear that i’m motivated by bright action packed colours, as they inspire my creative thinking, and boost my brain activity. There are so many ways you can spruce up your desktop, and I personally love to create custom folder icons and custom backgrounds.  So that's what I did first!
Starting with that FILES folder, I gave it a cute and colourful  icon, then I was inspired to create a few more custom icons for my desktop too!

How to create a custom icon on a mac desktop

  1. Create the image you want to use an icon
  2. Open the image with preview
  3. Hit ctrl+A to select all, then Copy
  4. Head to file/folder you want to customise and right click
  5. Select “get info”
  6. Click the current icon in the top left of the “get info file”
  7. Paste your new icon .

free desktop wallpaper

simmingwithabbi desktop background wallpaper

Next step is your desktop picture . You can create something sleek and simple , or just use a simple image and place your icons around the image . I personally respond well to my desktop being split into sections.  That way I can put different icons in different parts of the desktop while Keeping organisation.

Once you have your folders organised , Your desktop background and your (optional) custom icons  you have officially DE-CLUTTERED and organised your desktop!

Want to de-clutter your desktop with my wallpaper? You can download it now !

BUT Why only organise your desktop when you can organise your phone and tablet too!?

I have created a Wallpaper pack freebie just for you . *All Designs are hand drawn .

Disclaimer . Please do not reupload my wallpapers , sell or redistribute my work . This is a FREE digital download provided by Abbigayle Warner for, and is protected under copyright laws

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What steps are you taking to de-clutter your desktop?
Leave a comment below and let's chat

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 6 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 5 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 6 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

As a blogger I have a very privileged opportunity to test out several beauty products , so i'm never without something to use every day . I’ve testing out so many different product combinations, but with Dry skin it can be the toughest challenge trying to keep your hydrated. I’ve come up with a Nighttime Beauty Routine that keeps my skin soft and moisturised!

Let’s be real, I wear concealer , liquid foundation  and also powdered foundation on a daily basis .. I know you're probably thinking jeez that's A LOT Abbi . ...But with an uneven skin tone and the fact that my skin would dry out after 10 mins of outside air , I Think it’s totally necessary. THE  SKIN BARRIER IS NEEDED Y’ALL!

So let’s break down each Product I use every night to remove that baked cake off my face, and how I keep it hydrated all night!

I start with the KIKO SOFTENING TONER. This product is ACE at getting off makeup!  It’s a light spray that I throw onto a cotton pad and simple wipe the makeup away!  It certainly doesn't completely clean my face , it just eliminates those top makeup layers. I've found that it does a great job at removing waterproof mascara too!

Now it's time to prep my skin for that deep cleanse . Ill use the ARK PRE CLEANSE. It’s so simple to use. The product is a thick clear liquid , almost the consistency of a quality shower gel. Simply place it all over your face , (i like to rub it in a little as it adds in moisture to your skin)  then wash off with lukewarm water.  

Now this next product is a surprising favourite of mine! I was given the full range of products by AIME, at a blogger event , and let me tell you … I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SCRUB. I tried pretty much all that was given to me and this stood out by a long shot!  I suffer from clogged pores in my T-zone . So clogged that it needs to be unclogged every day! I really don't like to use pore strips because they cause the skin on my nose to crack  or peel . Please excuse the gory details . So after using this product my pores are clog free for roughly two days at time .. BUT HEY THAT'S BETTER THAN EVERY DAY RIGHT!?

The AIME EXFOLIATING POLISH is actually a creamy texture like lotion , with small red microbeads to help with the light skin scrubbing.

Next I'll use a bit more of the Kiko toner and reduce the low moisture level at this point.  Plus this is the perfect opportunity to give myself a full face wipe down incase I missed a bit of makeup here and there .


LASTLY I apply a the HEAVEN DREAM OIL SERUM for final moisture . I opt for an oil products because it has 5 hours of my sleep time to sink into my face and make sure my face is extremely moisturised throughout the night! . Also prepped for my morning routine !

Nighttime Beauty Routine : 5 steps to Eliminate DRY SKIN

ALRIGHT nighttime routine is complete!

Let’s remind ourselves of the dry skin no more formula!

  1. Oil based MAKEUP REMOVER  or TONER - get rid of any makeup you may have on your face! The last thing you want to do is sleep with makeup on … you'll be punished with a breakout the next day!
  2. PRE CLEANSE - with an oil based product - Prep your skin for the harsh scrubbing it’s about to endure!
  3. Oil Based DEEP PORE SCRUB or MASK - get all of the dirty skin layers off while adding moisture to the layers beneath.
  4. OIL BASED TONER - yes again! Make sure there is no more makeup left on your face. This is your last chance!
  5. OIL BASED .. OIL .. a few drops will do the trick . ( I also recommend Drops of light and Drops of youth by TBS)

What Products do you love to use at night?
Do you have dry skin too!?
Sound off in the comments below and let’s chat!


Friday, 10 June 2016

NETWORKING - Five tips to work with a brand

Five tips to Networking with a brand


Networking with brands can be a daunting experience , especially if you don't know where to start. If you aren't quite comfortable going up to people and talking to them in person then there are loads of other ways to put yourself out there too! (... BUT eventually you will have to talk to them in person if you want to maintain the business relationship)
I literally woke up one day and said "what am I scared of? , the worst they can do is say no " From there I learned through trial and error the best ways to approach a potential client or business professional. That being said , here are my top five tips to networking like the pro!


I always say "you gotta fake it till you make it !" other people feel your energy as soon as you approach them . If you feel sad  , they know you feel sad , if you are happy , they will feel happy along with you . The most important rule in networking is to be HAPPY and make sure they KNOW you're happy. A simple smile followed with a handshake , eye to eye contact and a greeting.  
It could go something like this :
"Hello (with a big smile), lovely to meet you (shakes hand ) , my name is Abbigayle Warner and i'm a blogger and i'd love to chat with you regarding (insert topic here) . By the way I love (inset compliment here )"

I've found this always works for me,  they instantly feel comfortable and by changing the topic to something more casual instantly makes them feel like they are having a conversation rather than you trying to pitch them something, They know you have mentioned that you want to talk about your topic, so after the nice words have been exchanged get down to business! 
Be careful not to lead the conversation too astray , you could end up chatting about your pet cats and forget to bring up what you came over to talk about!


Although you may not always have the opportunity to research the company before you meet their pr person, as you could happen to meet them at an event; It's incredibly important to at least know something about the brand. We live in the 21st century and you can look up information in 5 seconds with quick google search! If you know something about at least one of their products, they may actually believe you when you say you love their brand and would love to collaborate with them. 


If you have never networked with anyone ever before, then I highly recommend you come up with a  really good pitch, write it in a word document and tweak it based on the person you are going to send it to. Treat it like a slightly less formal cover letter. Keep your greetings professional and always use professional writing skills to close,  such as "Yours Sincerely" or "Kind Regards". 
Start of small and start by email out to the PR department of the brands you are trying to work with.  
Most companies usually leave their pr email in the contact section of their websites . 


Use social media and always attach the social media account that will appear the most impressive along side your blog. Brands want to know that your blog has a basic social media presence with at least one type of account. for example if you use something like twitter or Instagram , it's a great idea to tweet them, or leave a comment on one of their Instagram pictures saying something simple like
" hi, I really love your brand , would you be interested in collaborating for my blog?  i'm sure my readers would love it!" . Since this is a public comment, their PR person will usually get back to you within 24 hours , because they don't want to seem like they don't care about their consumers. from here they will usually refer you to an email or possible direct message you . You may even get a follow from them! If they refer you to an email thats also great because you can mention that you "had recently chatted on {twitter} and was referred this email address  ..."  
This a great line to add and has always come across well for myself. 


I think theres nothing better than a professionally bold personality. If a brand has a PR number, call it! Pitch your idea , them about yourself , say something interesting! The worst that can happen is that they say "sorry no" .. some may be blunt and purposely forget the "sorry"
Either way you are on their radar! You called them and stopped their PR person in their tracks to answer your call , after the call you blog name will be in their head , they may just check you out in their own time and reach out later when they actually have time to think! The point is that they will remember you because your call (completely unrelated to their work) happened in between their busy schedule! 
What i'm basically saying , is think outside of the box to do things other people may not have done! If you have purchased a product and reviewed it , send the link to the company's social media accounts . they may share your post to their bloggers , plus their PR team has caught another glimpse of you!

Although I could literally write a list of about 100 Tips on how to network like a pro , these are my top 5 tips that I live by! I hope you enjoyed this post and found It useful when you start your networking journey!

Want more branding  and Business tips for your blog and life? Head on over to my Personal Branding for Business Blog for all of your business help! 

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