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5 Things I loved about attending a USA University plus Free Dorm Essentials Checklist Printable!

I attended Virginia Commonwealth University Studying Business in class of 2012, Although I left in 2011 due to wanting a different career choice. (Ahem ....hence why i'm, studying Graphic Design now) Never the less, VCU was my first and ONLY University choice. 
It was and still is my dream school!
For the American Readers wondering why I went to a university in the States over a UK University  well i'm going to tell you why :

  1. FREEDOM! My Mother lives in Virginia so being able to travel to a family member close by was an easy reason. I wasn't too far if there was an life threatening emergency, but I was far enough to live independently!
  2. OPEN CAMPUS - This was probably the most important and amazing thing about the school. most universities have a ridiculous sized plot of land, and they build a village inside of it exclusively for university students. No one comes in and no one comes out ... (said in a echoey doom type voice muah ha ha ha ha) . No in all seriousness, I've visited other university campuses that have nothing but fields of woods surrounding each dorm.

    All that goes through my head is that some psycho is going to attack me, throw me in the woods and bury me behind my dorm. YES , I know i'm extreme  and YES I know I've watched too may crime drama shows, but i've seen every episode of SNAPPED and I KNOW this crazy stuff happens!

     VCU on the other hand is right in the heart of Richmond City Centre. This means you can opt out of the dorms to live in a swanky apartment near by, go to the local shopping mall, easily get public transport to anywhere you need to go, get a job along side your studies close by; the options are endless.
  3. STUDENT LIFE- The community at VCU is unreal! It's the most diverse number of people you will ever get to meet in your four years. There is literally a club for EVERYTHING you can think of and a Sorority for every kind of girl. If you can't find what you like then you can make your own!

    In my Junior Year two of the girls in the dorms near me decided to start their own sorority! .. I have no idea how that turned out though!

    Living in a Dorm was amazing .. until it wasn't . I stayed in the Freshman dorm (where I was actually lucky enough to have a single bedroom yay go me) and then I moved into the Apartment style dorms  where we had our own rooms but shared the kitchen and living space . So I was very lucky to have that personal space! NO seriously nothing is worse than communal bathrooms..... enough said .

    I eventually started working, and also had an internship so living in a dorm and having my independence couldn't be done while living in a dorm. I moved into an apartment and never looked back!
  4. BASKETBALL GAMES- VCU Basketball is the main focus of the school since there's no American Football Team .Attending a Rams game was a right of passage for students . If you didn't attend the games, chant along with the crowd, watch the cheerleaders freestyle backflips in half time , then you basically missed out on the entire VCU experience.
  5. FRIENDS AND FUN- They say you make your friends for life while at college/university , I've most certainly made a few friends, we're not super close but we still follow each other online and chat once an a while ( Mainly due to the fact that we all live in different states and countries now)

    I have a very selective memory , I can barely put the pieces together of my childhood and pretty much anything in my teen years ... (yes I know that sounds awful ).. but my VCU memories have never faded!  All nighters with your friends,  getting ready for the clubs that were literally on our doorstep, dancing so hard to music we came out like sweat buckets, boyfriends and breakup drama, I remember it all.

    OK So I know you are probably thinking you can make friends anywhere.. which is true .. BUT VCU  made me happy as it was the only place I ever wanted to go and I went!  Best 3 and a half years of my life!
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