Friday, 30 October 2015

A Week In My Shoes | Week 3 | Spoky Boos, Woos and Pixi Dust

Happy Spooky Halloween !
Heya Guys and welcome back to AWIMS
I have done A lot this year, i've been Big Brothers bit on the side Multiple times , I was on Dinner date and I went on an EPIC Summer Vacation to Miami and I even hit my goal of 10k subscriber on youtube. HOWEVER none of these things even begin to compare the awesomeness of this week! 
I got to sit down and chat with internet superstars Pixiwoo! Definitely the highlight of the year! If you want to check out the post you can read and even listen to the interview HERE

The rest of the week I have spent planning my two Epic events that ill be organizing in September!
YES there will be another #bhmbloggermeet and YES i'll be presenting a NEW event called #AWSOCIALMEET! Where bloggers will get social media tips and tricks of the trade from business professionals. All of the details on how to attend will be posted on the blog VERY soon! 
So stay tuned! 

Halloween I'll be Dressing up my daughter and having a little play date with her cousins. I plan to make some halloween themed treats or cupcakes which should be fun! 

P L A N N E R   D E C O R 
I picked up this really cute washi tape set from Sainsbury's last week , perfect for the upcoming christmas season. The gold washi works perfectly for this week as I went with a Purple Orange and Gold theme in honor of halloween . The Purple Washi tape and Postcard are from Paperchase of course, while the stamps are from the Wilko set I also picked up last week.

What did you get up to this week!?
Anything fun! I'd love to hear about it!!
Leave a comment below and lets chat! 




  1. Wow! Check you out. You go, girl!

    Nicola, xo

  2. Omg, that washi tape set you picked up looks sooooo nice!! The sparkly ones look lovely :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / Win a MAC lipstick

  3. I love seeing your planner designs each week!

  4. The washi tapes that you picked up are sooo pretty! I need to buy myself a planner x

  5. It sounds like you've had an amazing week, the Pixiwoo girls seem lovely and they're very talented and that's great you were given the opportunity to interview them! I love Dinner Date too so I'll definitely look out for you on there when I'm catching up! That sparkly washi is so pretty too, I definitely need some x


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