Saturday, 31 October 2015

7 Morning Beauty Essentials When You're Running Late!

Hi All !
Sometimes you hit that snooze button too many times and you find yourself officially running late before you jump out of bed! Yikes!
Yes it happened to me too many times , However I always still find time to make sure my makeup looks decent. I obviously don't have time to go full glam but I can at least put enough on quickly without worrying that I'll look like I just rolled out of bed! The first thing I do in the morning is turn on my Ipad to a quick tv show, usually something funny. Lately Iv'e been obsessed with Young And Hungry from ABC family! So that is usually my go to morning show, plus knowing that it's only 30 mins means I can guage my time around it! I change my Ipad covers all the time and this is Aqua and Yellow Kate Spade case is my current FAV . After all the usual morning duties are done , I'll head back to the room to do my makeup and get my daughter ready for nursery.


I love this product as it has kept my skin hydrated and has cleared a lot of dark spots and scarring i've had on my face for a really long time! Its great under makeup and has a really thin consistency so it's perfect for a nice base. 

you guys I literally can not live without it under my makeup! My face tends to get greasy quickly when I have makeup on and i'm rushing around , as I tend to sweat if i'm in a MAJOR rush. This product keeps my entire face at a perfect matte consistency , not greasy and not dry! love it !

Seriously where have you been if you don't have this? This product is a serious lifesaver. It has a special technology that matches your skin tone when you put it on your face. This will give me a light but FULL coverage on my face , no need for any additional powder!  

I'll apply the BB CREAM with this brush as it smoothes over evenly and doesn't leave any brush lines! probably one of the softest foundation brushes i've ever used!

This literally makes so much difference on my skin when I apply it. It gives me that sun kissed glow and highlight in all the right places! I'll apply this to the bridge of my nose, my upper cheekbone and dabble a little on my forehead. 

This is my absolute go to lipstick for a quick makeup look!  The colour is a perfect brown/deep red, that will make any look complete! 

If you are truly in a rush then there is very high chance that you will need to make sure your makeup STAYS  because the last thing you want is for it to melt away!  The Setting spray will be like magic for your face!

So that's it! 
My essentials for a very rushed, late Morning

What are your essentials?
Have you ever used any of these products before? 

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What did you get up to this week!?
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Friday, 30 October 2015

A Week In My Shoes | Week 3 | Spoky Boos, Woos and Pixi Dust

Happy Spooky Halloween !
Heya Guys and welcome back to AWIMS
I have done A lot this year, i've been Big Brothers bit on the side Multiple times , I was on Dinner date and I went on an EPIC Summer Vacation to Miami and I even hit my goal of 10k subscriber on youtube. HOWEVER none of these things even begin to compare the awesomeness of this week! 
I got to sit down and chat with internet superstars Pixiwoo! Definitely the highlight of the year! If you want to check out the post you can read and even listen to the interview HERE

The rest of the week I have spent planning my two Epic events that ill be organizing in September!
YES there will be another #bhmbloggermeet and YES i'll be presenting a NEW event called #AWSOCIALMEET! Where bloggers will get social media tips and tricks of the trade from business professionals. All of the details on how to attend will be posted on the blog VERY soon! 
So stay tuned! 

Halloween I'll be Dressing up my daughter and having a little play date with her cousins. I plan to make some halloween themed treats or cupcakes which should be fun! 

P L A N N E R   D E C O R 
I picked up this really cute washi tape set from Sainsbury's last week , perfect for the upcoming christmas season. The gold washi works perfectly for this week as I went with a Purple Orange and Gold theme in honor of halloween . The Purple Washi tape and Postcard are from Paperchase of course, while the stamps are from the Wilko set I also picked up last week.

What did you get up to this week!?
Anything fun! I'd love to hear about it!!
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Hello Dolls!
This week I had a very rare and exciting invitation to interview Sam and Nicola Chapman , otherwise known as Pixiwoo!
They both run the fantastic makeup brush company Real Techniques, a leading company in the makeup industry. Real techniques brushes have won several awards making them the go to brush in the USA and UK . Sam and Nicola are also Beauty Gurus on youtube with almost two million subscribers , where they share their professional makeup tips,  and gorgeous beauty tutorials for us all to follow along. I've been watching them for years and felt like I already knew them before meeting them. They are genuinely two of the nicest people I have met (I know everyone says that .. but it's true! ) Not only that they also run a successful blog , magazine , run their budding company while both being mothers! How do they do it all!? (Seriously ....GOALS!)

I sat down with the girls to ask all the questions I have been dying to ask!
Listen to the interview below!

Interview Transcript (paraphrased)
What made you choose the name Pixiwoo?
Sam - A childhood nickname , you know when you had a stupid email address when you're 15? , well I had a stupid username all over the internet. I didn't  know it was going to be so popular.. , so that's where it came from.

Between blogging , youtube and running your business , how do you fit in ME time?
Nicola- when were on the road we try to fit in a massage on our day off , you know .. that's pretty me time , as much as it gets . Its more fitting in kids time. 
Sam- I think that , to be fair we do ,do what we love , so it's always me time.

Your current brushes are award winning and a beauty favorite within the makeup community internationally! What can we expect from your January product launch? 
Sam- More of the same high quality at a good affordable price. 

Scenario | your’e headed to a busy event and you have no space for your makeup bag, you can only bring two products! What would they be?
Sam- Red lipstick and a mirror!  or a red lipstick and a concealer 
Nicola - I will normally take a concealer  but normally I don't take anything with me, if i've got lashes then i'll take glue!  

What advice can you give to someone who wants to start Vlogging about beauty?
Sam - Pick a subject matter that you really really love ,
Nicola- Don't expect it to be a real success overnight , work really hard at it and get the support of everyone around you because sometimes it can be difficult.

As  busy mom myself I know how hard it is to juggle a busy home life as well as a hectic work schedule , what is the best advice you can give for blogger/vlogger moms?
Nicola- I can only say what we do , hopefully you've got a nice support around you, don't feel guilty , because we are mothers and you instantly feel guilty but your teaching your children a really great work ethic!

How do you manage to stay inspired with makeup looks?
Sam- we go though stages when sometimes we feel really uninspired and some times when we re super into it , you can always tell with videos how into it you are . for the last three months i've been super into it and I can tell because i've been getting a lot more interaction. 

I know that you guys are into scrapbooking as am I and my readers , I have a series on my blogging showing my planner d├ęcor. what would be your go to magazine for scrapbooking?
SAM- I buy Vogue three times a year and cut all the adds for hair and makeup out! let's say CHANEL, they don't film one advert, they will film maybe five or six different versions of that ad so that they can put it in through out the magazine. I think its really important that you do that because you get a vibe for current trends 
Nicola - We do it for home magazine as well and share.

When you are constantly testing and trying new products , how to you stop your skin from breaking out?
Sam - we don't and thats the beauty of it , we are like guinea pigs , we are there to try it out so the people at home don't have to . If you do break out it's only like three or four days 
Nicola - and them we can do a video on how to cover that breakout! and it's to show people that you are normal!

What is your favorite real techniques brush of all time?
Nicola- I think mine is the deluxe crease brush
Sam- the base shadow brush , I can use it for everything , it's really versatile!

Biggest beauty pet peeve that vloggers do ?
Sam - I really hate it when people are overly enthusiastic about things , I don't think that anyone can really have that response to a lipstick , so to me i think thats fake 
Nicola- When they are not honest about being paid for something or just being deceiving , i think tis dishonest and unfair for those people who work really hard for their money and might go out and buy that product.

What are your biggest tips for young entrepreneurs? last year I started a events company for bloggers and Youtubers to connect with brands and also to just get to know each other better  while building their networking base. 
Sam - I think its called social media for a reason , get out there and interact with people as much as you can . join int he conversation as its a great way for other people to notice you!

Between YouTube , being a Makeup artist and business entrepreneur and all the other things you do , if you had to give up all but one what would it be ? 
Nicola - A makeup artist - i'd always do more but thats my passion
Sam- I really e joy the business side of it more that I though I would so i'd probably to business. 

(Listen to find out the answers to the last three questions!  xoxo) 

What has been the craziest thing and best thing so far on your tour ?

What's it like being part of the U.K. Youtube first family ?

What are the biggest differences between the new brushes and the current brushes ? 

That's it guys! What do you think of the dynamic duo interview?! 
Leave your comments, thoughts and questions down below! 


    Sunday, 25 October 2015

    All Blown Out! | RUSH Hair Salon Birmingham Grand Opening

    Yesterday was the Birmingham Grand opening of the London Famous Salon, RUSH
    A Few weeks prior to the opening I was kindly asked to come along to the opening to review the salon with my honest thoughts and also to get my hair blow dried by one of the staff. I was skeptical at first because although I have never been to the salon before, I was very aware that they do not predominantly cater to afro hair.  However I thought there is no harm in trying since nothing drastic was going to happen to my hair.


    Friday, 23 October 2015

    Neals Yard Remedies Blogger Event in Grand Central Birmingham

    Hey guys!
    Earlier this week I head to Grand Central Birmingham to attend the New Store 
    Neals Yard Remedies Blogger Event. 
    They are an organic skincare company founded in 1981, started in Covet Garden. They are strongly passionate about bringing all natural products to the hands of the everyday consumer . 
    With Affordable prices and top quality products, you honestly can't give this brand a miss! 
    I have mentioned plenty of organic companies on my blog before because i'm such a big advocate for using natural products. 
    My skin is incredibly sensitive and dry , anything synthetic makes me break out in a rash!
    When I found out the store was opening in Birmingham I literally could not wait to try their products for dry skin! 
    They put on an event for bloggers which turned out really great!  They had some organic refreshments to complete the experience!

    The staff were very friendly and created a warming environment. I felt like I was visiting a friend and had known them for years! The Staff were very knowledgable about each product, teaching me a lot about the brand!
    I had a great time and even picked up a few items for myself at the end! 
    If you haven't had a chance to check out the brand you can take a look at their website here 
    or if you are in the Birmingham area , head on over to the Grand central store!
    A review of some of purchases will be up soon! x

    Have you ever tried any of their products before? 
    If you have What is your favourite product?
    Leave a comment below and lets chat! 



    Wednesday, 21 October 2015

    A Week In My Shoes 2015 | Blogger events and Blow Drys! | Week 2

    Hiya guys and welcome back to A Week in My Shoes , Sorry I haven't been able to keep up weekly with this post but i'll try my best . My blog is now re-vamped and i'll have regular posts up for you soon I promise! since #awims is my most popular blog series I thought I would share with you what i've been up to this week in my daily paperchase organiser!

    Re- arranged my room , did a few DIY's and Chilled like a hot potato in my PJs 

    Class , Neals Yard Blogger Event in Grand Central

    Wednesday -Friday
    Ill be filming loads of youtube videos and catching up on some class work 
    Ill also be working on the blog renovation. 

    Ill be heading to the grand opening of RUSH hair salon in Birmingham and getting my complimentary Blow Dry (blog post about it soon in the hair section!)  

    PREP FOR PIXIWOO INTERVIEW (ill be exclusively interviewing Pixiwoo next Tuesday and I need to make sure I have some awesome questions that don't make me sound amateur lol ill be in the pit with the big dogs (radio and tv press) so ill be networking my ass off for sure.

    If you guys didn't know Pixiwoo will be in Birmingham on Tuesday delivering a meet and greet with fans in the Birmingham Bull Ring Superdrug. I however have been given the exclusive opportunity to interview them earlier in the day! So watch this blog as i'll be posting the interview here and on my youtube channel

    PS. I found this old AWIMS entry that I never actually posted on the blog! so I thought I would share the picture with you anyway for your decor inspiration :-)

    What have you been up to this week? 
    Leave a comment down below and lets chat!
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    Friday, 9 October 2015

    I Totally PRESSed For The Clothes Show Live 2015

    Hiya guys! 
    Last week I got an exclusive opportunity to be part of the Press team for The Clothes Show Live. The Clothes Show will be Back this year in December for another round of Fashion, Fun, Shopping, Catwalks and Madness. 
    The Clothes Show put on several fashion shows outside of Debhenams in The Birmingham Bull Ring, and I was kindly asked to take some pictures for my blog. It was actually an awesome experience, as I was the only blogger amongst freelance photographers and videographers! We had our own little press section where we snapped the life out of our cameras.
     The Clothes Show team were lovely and kindly presented me with a goody bag stuffed with amazing things at the end. (will be blogging about them soon)

    The event was hosted by Fashion and Celebrity Stylist Kalee Hewlett , where she presented five fashion shows featuring the top trends in Autumn/Winter Highstreet Fashion. The Shows presented the styles of Red Alert , Be Bold , Bohemia and Dark Victorian. The apparel in the shows were all from stores ready and available in The Bull Ring, so the shoppers were able to see them on the run way and run right to the store to purchase their own. 
    I thought it was brilliant , and I picked up a  few things myself. 
    Kalee Hewlett also personally scouted for shoppers with great style, and gave them each her professional styling tips , followed by a shopper vote for the best dressed. The winner was given an exclusive goody bag
    Following each fashion show there was a Model Catwalk Masterclass , where professional Top Model Liam Lunniss taught some lucky shoppers how to walk like a model . Also giving them a platform to possibly get scouted that day by Select Model Scouts!
    Liam Lunniss has presented this masterclass during The Clothes show for many years, which was apparent through his fun and vibrant way of teaching . The potential models all felt at ease and were not afraid to strut their stuff along the runway. 
    During each intermission shoppers were offered complimentary sparkling drink tasters from the Lambrini bar at the end of the runway . This was a nice touch and allowed the shoppers to stop, drink, ask questions and enter the competition to win numerous prizes including tickets to The Clothes Show, sponsored by Alcatel One Touch
    I managed to photograph some really great shots of the fashion shows and met some influential and amazing people. (while sneaking in a few selfies along the way) Thank you Clothes Show for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with you later this year at The NEC! Tickets are still available and you can purchase them HERE

    Check out my video of the pop up runway in 60 seconds!
    click here to view the full photo gallery 

    The Clothes Show| Bull Ring Press Event | | Abbigayle Warner
    Here are my Favourite looks from the runway.

    Will you be attending The Clothes Show this year? 
    after looking at the gallery What was your fav look from the show?
    leave a comment down below and lets chat! 




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