Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Week In My Shoes- Faux Filofax Decor 2015 | Week 1

Hi Everyone!
We are back with an entire new season of "A Week in My Shoes" blog series !
I upgraded my planner to the 2015 OWL Paperchase planner which I'm actually in love with !!
This series will continue every Saturday throughout the summer ! 
If this is the first time seeing this series than let me explain . I basically plan out everything I'm doing in my week in my planner BUT I decorate it in a way that makes me happy. (which is usually bright bold and colourful! ) It's a fun relaxing hobby that I share with you and you all seem to like it :-)  last summer I got up to a ton of fun things such as blogger events and big brother . And so far it looks like this summer will be just as awesome! 

This planner started 25th June, which worked out perfectly because I literally bought it the day before not even knowing the start date, as my 2014 planner doesn't end until December this year . However I thought it was time for a fresh start and a new change of scenery !

So what did I get up to this week ?
By biggest highlight of the week was Friday I filmed a segment for ITVBE where I got to sing an original song and it will be aired on TV later this summer . And then I got to film on Big brother again, as I'm always there pretty much every other week  giving my thoughts on the craziness of the big brother house! 
PLUS I met a few new Youtubers who i'll be collabing with in the future!

So Friday turned out to be a pretty jam packed day of TV filming ! Hopefully this is just the start of my awesome summer of fun ! 

What have you been up to this week? 
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