Saturday, 22 November 2014

Spooky Costumes Music & Prizes Equals Awesome Night!

Heya everyone
Thanksgiving may be on its way but before I indulge in some family and food next week, I want to reminisce about the last "Holiday" we had 'aka' HALLOWEEN.
for the national holiday of the dead I was invited to a fun night of musical Bingo . Courtesy of Costa Music Bingo.  (Check them out HERE)Upon arrival we were given drink tokens where we could order cocktails and drink our life away! I also got to catch up with my fav bloggers and also meet some new faces that i have been twitter friends with for  a while!
 It was your typical bingo setting with a twist. We had to cross of the song names that the DJ played! Honestly I knew only about 25% of the songs being played as they were all Halloween related. We all found ourselves looking up the lyrics or asking other bloggers if they had heard it before! Nevertheless me and my fellow team mate (Bianca) were 'repping' stealstylist in the best way! We won two rounds,  scoring us prizes of sweets and chocolate! MY FAV!

As the night continued we were given extremely tasty pizzas which left me incredibly full!

Then I found myself winning another round! ah but so did someone else! So we had to fight for it!
The challenge was to put a piece of chocolate on our heads  and shake it down to our mouths without using our hands. OBVIOUSLY I lost lol I am not very skilled in the athletic department so I did not expect the win for this one!

The Night continued and at the end they had an awesome competition where they selected things like best dressed and best makeup .  The Stealstylist team won again for BEST TEAM! It was awesome!
We found ourselves going home with a handful of prizes slightly tipsy and with a full stomach! My perfect night!

For my costume I decided to go as a nerd and Bianca went as an american football player!

Overall the night was great it was the perfect outing I needed to de stress from the busy life I lead and i'm happy I attended!

What have you all been up to lately? 
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Lotsa Love 

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