Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 15

 Hiya everyone! Into Week 15! Woop!
This series has bascially taken over my blog !! (not that i am complaining! It's my best received blog series to date! ) It's my way of just relaxing, crafting and blogging each week. These little moments each day  that I spend on my planner are my down time where I can just be me! 
This week is actually quite a stressful week!

I got the ball rolling on the second #bhmbloggermeet . Invites were sent out , flyers were designed and I had a major meeting at The Body Shop were we planned out the entire event from start to finish! SO EXCITED!
If that wasn't enough , I also had a business meeting on thursday regarding MY business! the BLOGGER PLANNER! Its coming really soon guys! I'm in the process of planning my launch party! I honestly cant wait! This has been by far the best year of my life! 

This week while I was in Birmingham at The Body Shop I decided to step into Selfridges . Let's be real... I have no self control in the Stationery department! I just pick things up for the fun of it , next thing I know I'm swiping my card! 
I did some serious Paperchase washi tape shopping, and I picked up about 20 different post cards with the cutest sayings and quotes. 
I hole punched and popped it in this week as my motivation to "never stop!"
(picture above)
I also looked in the Cath Kidston section and found TONS of stickers! ON SALE! when I say sale i'm talking less than £2 per pack! there was no way i could pass up that deal! 
My two Main stickers Red and Green are both from the Catch Kidston collection. 
The Circle stickers are actually CUT & STICK designs I created a few weeks ago. The gorgeous floral image in the bottom left  is actually just a clipping of a Lilly Pulitzer image I found online and stuck in.  Everything else is just a sticker from various packets I have collected.
This weekend is 6am-2am days of WORK WORK WORK . Hence why this post is up in the all hours of the night! 
Better late than never I say! :-)
Thats it for this week!
What did YOU get up to this week? 
Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo
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Lotsa Love 

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