Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 11

We are now 11 weeks in! OMG WHERE HAS TIME FLOWN! 
My organiser is looking really full this week , I even added in tons of sticky notes and mini to do lists because i was so busy (workwise) . I did not have a blogger event this week , but I did have another meeting on friday regarding the launch of my business !! So far I have finished all the blogger pack designs  and will be hopefully getting it printed up next week! Then I can FINALLY start getting the work out there and put together an awesome marketing strategy! 
If you just stumbled upon my blog and you have no idea what i'm talking about, well I am creating a blogger binder (filofax style) that will basically help you organise your social media life and get your blog on the right track to be the success you want it to be!
I have been working on creating this binder for months and i'm really excited to finally be able to have this created for you all!  
UNTIL THEN we have this awesome Paperchase binder to look at :-)
I picked up tons of  cute sticky notes and stickers this week so I thought I would put them to the test! I actually love the way they enhance the look of the planner so i will definitely be using them in the future! I may even design some of my own for the "ABBIGAYLE WARNER PLANNER" !

So what have you been up to this week?
Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo
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Lotsa Love 

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