Tuesday, 30 September 2014

High Tea at Chameleon Restaurant Birmingham Review

Hiya lovelies!
Last week I caught up with my lovely cousin and took my daughter to "High Tea" at Chemeleon in Birmingham. It was my first time going to something like this and i've always wanted to go , so me and my cousin decided to just have a girly lunch . If you know me personally then you wIll know i have an obsession with TEA, I drink it as my regular drink over any kind of juice  or soda. It's literally TEA or Water for me everyday, so this place and I are a perfect match!
We arrived at the location and they seated us on the slightly tiered section by the window which was nice as the restaurant is located by the tourist fountain in Birmingham so it was nice to watch. 

On the table we had set out a tea cup , a plate and a water glass. I really loved the atmosphere of the location however when we looked in our tea cups they were not cleaned properly and they had cracks in them. I am definitely not a tough critic but when it comes to anything I have to drink or eat from , then I expect it to be clean, A simple and justified request. We had to have our cups changed however the service was lovely and they had no problem switching them .   Then shortly after sitting down I ordered my first drink! (suprisingly not tea! haha ) A lovely glass of Procecco Wine. 

 It arrived with a nice little strawberry on the side  which was lovely. Although the drink looked visually appealing , I honestly expected more "passas" but that maybe just me lol I've been to bars that really go alL the way to make your glass of wine look really appealing.
I have to admit , I absolutely loved it. The scones we delicious and the sandwiches were very tasty. I did not try the cakes in the center as I wasn't really in a cake mood , however my daughter loved them as did my cousin. 
The presentation of the food was exquisite , I love the idea of the three tiers , and the cute little jam jars! Might I add the green jar was a lemon and lime curd. I was the tastiest spread i ahve ever had! I NEED that recipe! lol 

Overall would I recommend this place?
In fact, i would love to host a Blogger High tea networking lunch . I think it would go over really well and it would be a wonderful expereience!
Have you ever had High tea?
Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo
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