Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 5

Hiya everyone and welcome back to my saturday series " A Week In My Shoes" #AWIMS where I show you all my planner insert, decor and what i've been getting up to this week. 
Starting off with my events planner , aside from today I had no major events. This week was all about preparing for classes and daycare starting next week, so I just had a regular errands and appointments. Today is my cousins baby shower so i'm beyond excited! It means the family can get together again and just have fun! Stay close to my Instagram today as i'm sure ill be posting lots of pictures :-) 

Earlier in the week I was on the hunt for a new diary, I didn't want a new organiser or Filofax as it would have been too bulky to cary around with my blue Paperchase and my Filofax flex for class. So  my solution was to use my  Wassily Kandinsky Journal and create a korean inspired diary! I love it because I can completely customize it the way I want! I created the month layout for Septmeber and Ill be filling it in throughout the month . I'll have a mid month and final month update on my Instagram so be sure to follow me there :-)

This week I used the same inserts as last week for both planners as i'm really enjoying using this design. I know I promised to put the design up In my ETSY store, and I will! I'll be posting it with tomorrows blog post so come back here tomorrow or just head straight on over to the store and pick up your copy! 

My social media week was very relaxed also. I used my Kate Spade Notes and  go a little crafty this week. My final column  is for notes or Etsy related things so I decided to jus cover it with my Kate Spade Notes and used my brand new gold gel pen! :-) I also created some cute hearts, and made tested out my metallic pens . I added in a little insert with the saying " THE BEST IS YET TO COME" I honestly believe that my time for success is coming ,and I'm really looking forward to it. I constantly write motivational quotes so that I never loose sight of the end goal. 

This week's post is fairly quick however I hope you enjoyed the pictures :-) 
What did you get up to this week?
Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo
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