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A Week In My Shoes | Faux Filofax Decor | Week 4

 A Week In My Shoes | Week 4 
Hey everyone! Welcome back to my weekly saturday series on
This week was another fun week for me ,  ( This has turned out to be a really awesome summer)
As it is the last week of my birthday month, I thought it would be fun to re-design my inserts for both my planners this week. 
{Also i'm testing new designs to post in my etsy store :-) }
If you have been following the series then you know that this blue planner is my Events and Appointments planner. For this printable I created a clean crisp layout so I could customise it  {my fav thing to do} 
Included : "EVENT" Box 
After using it all week it turned out to be really effective so ill definitely be posting this in my Etsy store next week :-)

I had been invited , and also planned to go to the Bloggers Fashion week pre party! HOWEVER the trains were not running propperly and most of them were cancelled due to maintenance ! so my only option was finding a coach there.
 (Just my luck , no coaches traveling from Birmingham to London in the time frame I needed!) 
Therefore I had to sit this one out AGAIN! 

This day was just pure awesomeness! I was given tickets to see the live show of Got To Dance!
 I had a great time!
I headed to london bright and early to pick up my tickets , then i had to wait 4 hours before filming started! SO of course I went shopping in Oxford Street.
I picked up a few new stationery items from Muji and Filofax :-)
Ill have a haul picture on my instagram later in the week so look out for that! 

The rest of the week was pretty relaxed. Typically I don't do anything on sundays, however this week I have been invited to a photography  Blogger workshop in Birmingham hosted by Goodman :-) 
So to sum up my week of events in one word?

As I mentioned , I created a custom design for this week and I think this may be a permanent design for this planner. I thought I was organised before , but after creating this I was almost TOO organised! It's perfect! I separated all my social media accounts in to sections for the week and laid it out over two pages! I will definitely be posting this design in my etsy store next week also!
I also decided to make use of my Kate Spade Notepad, that I've had sitting in my Drawer for  year now! I am in the process of designing a custom school planner for myself . I will need a planner to help me organise homework ect . Also my daughter's daycare is on campus so I need to have pages to organise her schedule , chothes needs , luch needs ect! 
I jotted all my notes down on the KS notepad, Punched in my three holes and added it to my binder. I have literally 9 days to design it, send off to be printed and binded and shipped back to me ! 

Also this Thursday I decided to Make use of my day on two pages printable as I was home all day , so this meant complete and utter social media mode! 
If you want to pick this up for you organiser too , you can purchase it here 

This week I added two new digital printables to my store! 
I designed two camera illustrations and created a notepad set!
One to help you take notes for social media related things, only 93p (purchase here)
 and another for you simple everyday notes only £1 (purchase here)

So thats it for this week! 
How has your week been ?
Leave a comment down below and lets chat! xo
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