Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Life : Scheduled through social media!!

Hey everyone! 
I think have definitely hit that point in life where I have so much  I want to do and I can't achieve it all! 
So as a result I have decided to schedule my online life (since that is basically my everyday life)! lol
Throughout the week currently, you can find me on various social media.

YOUTUBE | I post daily videos on my main channel FRIDAY-WEDNESDAY (abbigayle11) 
TUMBLR| I have a micro blog for and I basically upload girly photography of beauty products , makeup fashion etc. All pictures posted are all taken by be ( as of 01.01.2014 )
I post 3 times a day  between 8pm and 12am EST
PINTEREST | I use this as a hub for everything! I pin my youtube , tumblr & stealstylist here.
INSTAGRAM | my official blog instagram is @stealstylist and I will post one or two pictures a day  of what I posted on tumblr
WE HEART IT | I will post one picture daily from my tumblr or girly pics post 
TWITTER | I really can't tell you when I will tweet , it's completely random lol 
STEALSTYLIST.COM| I have realized that the only way I will be able to keep up with everything is if I plan my blog posts weekly . that way I can give you a really good thought out post and you can thoroughly enjoy it ! :-) so I have decided to post on here ONCE A WEEK. So catch up with my blog every thursday! Starting Thurs 6th FEB.
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