Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Face Masks & Manicures!

Tonight is one of those lazy nights . Relaxing , watching some of my guilty pleasures , eating ice cream and having a full on mani pedi spa treatment! lol 
Right now I have been beyond obsessed with Big Brother ! It's a fusion of  everything right about television jam packed into a 24 hour series of fun!
 I will truly miss it when the season ends! 
So that being said im off to catch up on the live stream of craziness thats going on in the house at this moment,but before I go, I wanted to share with you todays face mask and manicure! 

Jeffery James Beauty Berries Exfoilating Face Mask - Marshalls
(Sticking to my All natural skincare products this year , this face mask is an absolute must!
It has small berry beads that help scrub the skin while leaving it completely refreshed , its just an amazing product and highly reccomended! )

Rimmel Base Coat & Top Coat
Topshop Nails - Black
( I don't know why but i've had this weird obsession with black nail polish this month! I think its the ease of knowing it matched any and every outfit I put on! lol Topshop makes amazing nail polishes but they are just as pricey as O.P.I ! So I choose my colors wisely!)
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