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First Date 15 things to do and not to do

First Date 15 things to do and not to do

First Date?! Here are 15 things to do and not to do

A First date will be hard... especially when you've been out of the dating loop for long time.
Luckily i've compiled 15 pointers to think about before and during your date.

1. If it's a blind date  DO NOT get there early and DO NOT wait at the location staring at every cute guy guy that walks buy hoping that its him.

2. DO go for the bold and wear a bold bright lip color ! The sexy lips will either intimidate him or attract him! You can ween out the losers this way! :-)

3.DO order whatever food you like . DO NOT think that he won't like you just because your pigging out ! lol guys like girls who are real! A side salad as a main course is cute, but also unrealistic! .. unless you actually like side salads as a main course 

4. DO NOT  eat ANYTHING with onion or garlic.

5. If he tells a joke, be sure to laugh but DO NOT laugh like a hyaena.

6.DO NOT bring up any topics relating to old lovers ( its just awkward... seriously just don't got here)

7. DO use your table manners, that means no Burping,Farting, Snorting (unless its involuntary) out loud and DO NOT slouch! (be a lady!... that is unless you're a take me as I am kinda girl , which is also completely fine)

8.DO keep the questions general. DO NOT ask anything overly personal unless he asks you first. 

9. DO NOT allow jealousy to rear its ugly head!  ( you would be surprised at how many girls feel like they can "claim" their date on their first date

10. You may think that you really like this guy but he may not feel the same just yet . so DO NOT act protective or possessive. 

11.DO smile, a lot. 

12. DO brush your teeth before you go out . ( hey some people forget! )

13. If its a blind date and you want to wear heels .. go for a pair that are NOT higher that 4 inches. just incase he's really short! 

14. DO Bring a pair of flats in your bag just incase he spontaneously switches up the date plans to go rock climbing haha !! ( Honestly i'd be pissed if I didn't get rock climbing heads up .. ah but to each is own)

15. If you are NOT interested.. DO NOT make it obvious, DO be polite until the end of the date and let him down gently. 

so gals, if you use these tips you will be sure to have an AMAZING first date!
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