Saturday, 2 November 2013

How to ROCK Polka Dots in your 20s!!

Once you hit a certain age you tends to wonder if you are tool old to wear certain things and polka dots are definitely a questionable fashion trend. Typically polka dots are associated with teens or even infants  but lately they have become a trend for the 20-30 age demographic.  I personally LOVE polka dots but I have to be careful how I wear them because I'm a Montserrat and I don't want to come across too child like. So here I have put together some photos I found on Pinterest , featuring perfect examples of how to wear Polka dots. Fashionably and sexy !
This first example is a Dark colored top with light dots .
I Love this look ! Dark colors are sexier naturally and you can pull this off with any kind of bottoms .  Medium sized Polka Dot's sends the message that you are sweet and approachable, in comparison to this next look.

 The extra large dots  look like bold fashion statements rather than a continuous pattern, this is perfect for the office in the fall. Oversized dots say you mean business! 
You could also go for a sleek polka dot shirt and pair it with a blazer . Blazers are very sophisticated , so polka dots will spice up outfit and make you seem fun  rather than boring.
If you are in your early 20s like me ,a polka dot dress paired with a leather jacket is perfect in the fall , however I would pair it with some black tights and some dark colored flats or biker boots.
For a nighttime look I recommend a dress like this, it's sexy and the dots give the dress a little more edge!. 

This next look is very upper 20s . It's definitely an office appropriate look , and having polka dots only on the collar , makes a statement , even though it's only minimal. 
This look is my fav . You can also wear dots on you bottom half . I think this is a perfect example of a fall polka dot look.

What's your fav polka dot look ? Leave a Comment below  and let's talk ! 
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  1. These are GREAT tips for wearing polka dots in a chic way.

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)


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