Sunday, 22 September 2013


hey everyone so i'm super excited for fall , it means I can wear cozy jumpers/sweaters and boots  and all the things I love ! 
I love to experiment with dark colors and i found dark purple works really well!
what do you think?


Monday, 16 September 2013

Girly Photography Taken By Me 2013 | Abbigayle Warner

Since my other girly photography post is the most popular post I have on here , I thought I would do another revolving post but here's the twist !!! ALL Photos are taken by me! and my Iphone4s!!
:-) you are free to share the photos but I would like the credit please :-) 
Just leave a link to this post somewhere around the photo .
U P D A T E 
I'll be posting all these photos on my tumblr
Also my photos will be posted on my Weheartit page :-)

Follow me guys! and share my pics !


Friday, 13 September 2013

Getting Wet and Wild!!!! (Haul)

So I did some shopping :) and I couponed my way to a bunch of wet and wild products .
I haven't been the biggest fan of wet and wild products aside from their lipsticks but I thought I would purchase them because they were on an insane sale ! 
in total my bill came to $2.30 . CHEEAAPPP!!
I do have to say that i as pleasantly surprised at the quality of their products , i didn't think for one second that it would be even comparable to some of the products I use. 
obviously I HAD to do some swatches for you just to prove to you that they ARE comparable to some of the better branded drugstore products!


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