Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hair store picks of the week

I took a quick trip to my local beauty world and could not resist buying things lol 
I just got a new Brazilian weave and dyed it ombré . I was way to scared to do it on my own hair so I thaught a weave would be a great way to test it out . Ill probably do a post showing you guys what it looks like ... Anyway these are the things I purchased and I'm actually trying each one of these for the first time !! 
I have three deep conditioners . Apparently with Brazilian hair you have to keep it completely moisturized at all times  and you have to do a deep conditioner twice a week to keep its amazing softness ! So I thought I would try out a few different ones before I actually buy a full bottle of one. 

Hask Aron oil from morocco hair mask
Hask macadamia oil hair mask
Optimum care deep conditioning masque

I also purchased. Another hair lightening powder . I'm not fully satisfied with the color of y hair . I want the ends to be a bit blonder so I'm going to dye it a little bit more . 
Also i purchased a wrap  for night time:-) 

I know this post is slightly random but I figured some of you would like to see what kinds of products I've been using recently :-) 

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  1. I love deep conditioners they work so well especially for my natural hair!

    xoxo Akinyi


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