Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I Can Only Dream Tag

Hey Guys I created this tag for you to chit chat with me :-) also I would love for all of you to do the tag too on your blogs or on your YouTube page!!!!
I tag all my subscribers !! Woohooo . 


1.If you could have ONE celebrity hookup , who would it be with ?

2.What have you always wanted to do but have been too scared

3.If you could have a Passionate night with your beau . Where would it be ?

4.If you had a chance to say one sentence to the whole world , what would it be ?

5. If you could be a part of any tv show on the planet . Which one would you be on?

6.If you could time travel what's the first place you would go?

If you are a blogger and or a youtuber  I tag you!!!!
so what are you waiting for????? get your tag up already !!

Ok go ahead and watch my video to see my answers . Oh don't forget to subscribe to see more !!

feel free to do this tag on your blog our youtube and tag all the people who follow you etc etc . make sure you mention where you got the tag from!

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