Wednesday, 29 May 2013


ITS PROM SEASON for all seniors out there , although im too old for highschool i'm still a teen at heart . I'm absolutely obsessed with prom fashion and makeup! During prom season i always search for the most fashionable prom dress that i wish i could have worn to my prom (even though I never had a prom) Hey I can pretend!
This dress is so me! It's on trend, these patterns are slimming and it shows just enough skin to be sexy but conservative at the same ! (slit in the back)
The pearls add a classy feel to the dress.
 If you havent had prom yet I strongly suggest you order this dress from

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


This post is for all my European readers!
I discovered this website MEME.COM , I'm sure im probably late at discovering it!
Since i no longer live in England all my shopping will have to be shipped to my family's house and then from them to me in usa. Their site is really neat!
 FREE uk returns, FREE standard delivery when you spend $40 and  10% off your first order!! ALSO there is a sale up to 50% off! so get to shopping!
Their vintage section is gorge and their website is designed really well!
I could shop there for hours!

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