Sunday, 17 March 2013


Today, among other things , I did some major shopping , there are slaes galore at the mall and im a bargain shopper. No one can convince me to buy expensive clothes or clothes at full price even if they really tried . I shopped around tons of stores but the biggest deals I got today were from two amazing boutiques, ALTR'D STATE and CHARMING CHARLIE.
They just opened up down the street from me and boy was I excited when I first walked in there. ALTR'D STATE had a sale on their accessories where you could get 5 sale items for $10  (regardless fo the price tag! so if it had a markdown of any kind  you could add it as one of your 5 items! HOW CRAZY IS THAT??!  I got $20 worth of jewelry  and im beyond satisfied . 
Charming Charlie also had a sale on their jewelry, I purchased two bib style necklaces for $10 and a ring for $3 also. It may not have been a deal anywhere near compared to altar'd state but after getting such a great deal there, I didn't mind spending a little more in Charming Charlie!
so without further adue, here are my amazing buys! 
total cost for all this jewelry $34

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