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Friday, 8 February 2013


Im a product hauler which most people already know , and I love to try out new things!
 I've been using this skincare routine for about 3 MONTHS. I purchased the set of BOSCIA products from Sephora on black friday and have been using it everyday since. I have definitely seen a improvement in the complexion of my skin, and I havent had one pimple since I started!

These are the only products i use before bed  . Starting next week ill be changing my routine to see what other results I can gather, but ill update you on that later.

I remove all my makeup with the eye makeup remove lotion from AVON
This works wonders , the makeup literally falls off your face, and it doesn't irritate your eyes. It's amazing!

Cleanse and remove all dirt from my face  with the cleansing gel

moisturize! after all that water to my face its imperitive that I use lotion. This product actualy hydrates my skin .. but I have reeeallly dry skin , so I have to use an additional lotion to keep it soft all night .
and Hope In A Jar works wonders!

The BOSCIA set also comes with a face mask, I use this every 3 days  in my routine

Have you ever used any of these products before?
Leave a comment below and lets talk!



  1. Nice products! :D

    xx MJ

  2. I love your Night time Skincare Routine :)
    Great Post :)


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