Tuesday, 12 February 2013

5 Great Beauty Reads For 2013

Here is my list of the five top beauty books to read in 2013 (so far). These books cover everything from hair, skin , nails and makeup tips!

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual By Bobbi Brown 

Makeup Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques And Wearable Looks by Jemma Kidd

Lauren Conrad Beauty

Sephora: The ultimate guide to makeup, skin, and hair from the beauty authority by Sephora 

The Black Book of hollywood beauty secrets by Kym douglas and Cindy Pearlman

Have you read any of these beauty books yet? 
Leave a comment below and lets talk about it!



  1. I wouldn´t count Lauren Conrads books as "must-read! but I adore her covers, for that alone I´d buy it and put it out as a coffee table book, just so I can look at it.


  2. The Sephora book looks good but as they say, don't judge a book by it's cover

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

    1. very true! but I am the number one culprit for doing that lol

  3. Ohh I have three of these! Love Lauren's book especially :) great choices.

    - Celine


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