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Kardashian Konfidential -Book review
So first of all I wanted to congratulate them for creating a great read!
I took the book to work with me this morning and finished it during my shift ! I loved the book …. Partly because I love the kardashians lol
So the book has really interesting insights to their lives , if you don’t really follow the kardashians, (where have you been?) then this book will be a perfect way for you to catch up on their fairytale real life story!
My favorite parts were The momager section, where they talk about their mother Kris Jenner and how she manages all her Children’s careers ! I thought this was amazing and made me wish my Mother was like her . Kris is Very adamant at making sure her children get to do anything they want in life and to succeed .
I also loved that they talked about how they got famous since a lot of people have the misconception that they are famous for nothing or just because they are rich. So that was pretty interesting to read .
However I didn’t like the way alot of the book was written in a script format, I it was written exactly as if they were talking to you and it got a little confusing at parts.
I liked the way they put lots of pictures for visualization , however 60% of the pictures were full lengths of Kim … And I’m not a die hard kardashian fan or anythin but i do read their blogs and I’ve seen pretty much all the photos before …. So that was a downer , I was hoping to see many originals and most of them were just taken off their blogs .
They dedicated an entire section to their father which was cute! They talked about their faves, gave life, fashion and beauty advice and wrote a heartfelt letter to their baby sisters at the end .
It’s a great book and you should defiantly read it . Their lives are definitley not far from a fairytale and it’s actually amazing to think this a true story !
So go buy your copy!!
Ps. The cover comes off and turns into a poster!!! lol
have you read this book? if you have what did you think .. 
do you plan to read this book?
leave a comment below! :-)

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