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Lauren Conrad - “Style”- Book Review
I give this book a 3 out of 5 ..
Since Lauren Conrad is similar in age to me  I thought I would be able to strongly relate to this book. unfortunately most of it was written for teens who don’t know the fashion basics.
most of the information she talked about in the book, I already knew so it wasn’t really a helpfull guide for me.
However if you are  a tween and need fashion and beauty advice then this book is for you .

 I’ve been a big fan of LC since The Hills aired and I loved to follower her fashion style and her journey to a full fledged fashionista. In this case the book just wasn’t my cup of tea , that being said I would definitely buy another one of her books in hope of something more appealing! lol
ok so now to the content!
First of all the book had plenty of pictures which was a very good idea . I love visuals and its a great was to really get a sense of what she is talking about .
she separated the book into three sections
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
my favorite part of the book was “mastering your closet” which came under the Fashion section. Im always looking for inspiration and new ways to organize my room or organize my closet and I believe her tips were fabulous! she definitely gave you something to think about when it comes to color and even the types of hangers you should use!
one part that I thought was very unrealistic, was her lifestyle section.  she talked as if everyone lives her lifestyle  and as if everyone has the resources that she has. numerous times in the book she mentioned that her “personal tailor” will alter whatever clothing doesn’t fit and whatever shoes are broken . not everyone can afford to have a personal tailor so  we cant go to the store and buy a designer shirt that is the wrong size and expect to come home and get it altered …
her beauty section was pretty much a guide to look like her and how to do her hairstyles.  her makeup looks the the same in all the “different” looks she tried to create!
 overall the book just wasn't for me!!
have you read this book?
and do you plan on buying this book?


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