Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I’ve decided to follow the fashion off of the new ABC family series “The Lying Game”, after watching the first episode I became a HUGE fan. During the episode you see the main character Sutton (on left) have the most amazing fashion sense, she is blessed to be adopted into a wealthy family and has every girls dream closet.  The outfit she is wearing is very chic classy and girly. I’m loving the statement necklace and the oversized tote bag, it really shows off her glamorous style, paired with a cropped black blazer, skinny jeans and a golden solid tee this outfit is HOT! I would definitely wear this but not on the average day, I would probably wear it out to lunch with a friend or on a casual date.

Emma who is Sutton’s twin sister (center) pretends to be Sutton and wears her clothes. In this picture she is wearing a multicolored bikini with a golden centerpiece, I like the swimsuit however it’s a little childish! I would have preferred to see her character in something a little more grown and sexy. I understand that their characters are high school students, but it doesn’t really match up with her other stylish pieces she wore in the show, it would have made more sense for her to wear a monokini.

Madeline (on Right) plays Sutton’s BFF. This outfit is what she wore to school. I personally think that this outfit is perfect! , It is exactly something I would wear to school. She stuck with dark military colors, which makes the bold colors work well together. She paired a polka dot mini skirt with a long green and blue tee, a brown leather jacket and camel boots with a fringe, 60s and 70s outfits are completely in fashion right now and the boots are a great way for her to express that. I just love the outfit and think that she is going to be a great character to watch out for the latest’s fashion trends!

SO which characters Fashion style is your fav?
Leave your comments below and lets fashion gossip!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I wanted to show you guys my 5 favorite photos from the photoshoot! . My good friend Darryl from DIGITAL IMAGE HOUSE set up the shoot for me ! The pictures came out great and i'm soo happy to show you guys!

He takes Amazing pictures and you should definitely check out his work on his website!



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